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Free Soil testing

When was the last time you tested your soil?

Improving soil performance requires different actions on each farm, making soil testing an important part of crop production, nutrient management, and soil health management. We can help you improve your soil’s performance by covering the costs of soil fertility testing and soil health testing. Soil fertility testing supplies information on pH and nutrient abundance, which results in recommendations on lime applications and fertility additions. The purpose of soil health testing is to provide a comprehensive assessment of soil functioning. For example, how well is your soil storing water and carbon, and how active is the microbial community? This can serve as a basis for adjusting management decisions to improve overall soil functioning.

The Free Soil Health Program

The Soil Health Program is being led by the Greenbelt Foundation. They are working with soil scientists at the Soil Health Institute and Ontario agricultural partners like Conservation Authorities. 

This program enables farmers to measure and evaluate the impact of different beneficial management practices on soil health. Farmers know healthy soils are key to improving farm productivity and profitability, while at the same time sequestering carbon, improving biodiversity, and supporting ecosystem health. But we can’t ask farmers to manage what they can’t measure. By providing the ability to track and measure soil health, farmers can make informed decisions about which practices are right for their farm. This can lead to increased yields, reduced input costs, improved water holding capacity, and increased carbon sequestration, among other benefits.

This free soil test opportunity is open to farmers throughout the Golden Horseshoe region.  Restrictions and eligibility requirements may apply.  

Sign up today!

If you’re interested in signing up for a free soil health sampling and assessment, please fill out the information below and someone from the Conservation Authority will be in touch to assess your eligibility.

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