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Georgina Island Fixed Link

Project Details

The Fixed Link, a combination of bridge and causeway, is a proposed permanent land-based access route that will connect the First Nation’s reserve on Georgina Island to the mainland*. (*Source: )

The Chippewas of Georgina Island Fist Nation, located both on and off the south shore of Lake Simcoe, have envisioned this project to provide safe and reliable access to and from the Island in all-weather conditions.

Georgina Island First Nation community is adhering to and following the federal government’s Impact Assessment Agency of Canada process to assess the potential impacts on Lake Simcoe.

Visit the Government of Canada’s Impact Assessment Process Overview webpage and the project details here:

You can view the Conservation Authority’s initial comments on the project along with comments from other agencies here: 

Lake Simcoe Region Conservation Authority has been asked by the Georgina Island First Nation community to comment on some technical studies based on our environmental expertise and knowledge of Lake Simcoe.

The Conservation Authority’s jurisdiction is at the provincial level, and therefore has no authority on this project as the Georgina Island Fixed Link falls under federal jurisdiction.

Learn more about the project, recent updates, and next steps by visiting the Georgina Island Fixed Link webpage.

Got Questions?

Frequently Asked Questions

No. The Conservation Authority has no authority over this project as it is under federal jurisdiction.

No. The Conservation Authority is not required to issue permits as it has no authority over this project.

The Conservation Authority has commented on technical studies that are applicable to our role, including Preliminary Assessment of Geotechnical Conditions, Geophysical Surveys, Aquatic and Terrestrial Ecology Reports, and Coastal Engineering Report.

As experts on Lake Simcoe, Georgina Island First Nation has requested comments from the Conservation Authority outside of the impact assessment process because of the technical expertise and knowledge that our staff have.

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