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Innisfil Beach Wetland and Channel Realighment Project

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Project Description

At the beginning of 2022, the Town of Innisfil began the Park Road and Innisfil Beach Park Wetland and Channel Realignment project. The goal of this project was to regrade the existing ditch system along Park Road to redirect 34 hectares of stormwater away from these ditches, into a newly created channel through the North side of Innisfil Beach Park.

This project piqued the interest of the Restoration department and, working with the Town of Innisfil, they were able to help fund many additional natural heritage features. These features included: 5 wetland pockets (0.5 hectares), over 2000 native trees and shrubs, and 0.4 hectares seeded with native wetland and riparian plant species.

By redirecting the stormwater, and enhancing the newly created drainage channel, it now has a much more significant ecological function. This will not only improve the habitat available for all local species but allow for fish passage further upstream.

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