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Monitoring and protecting the watershed is a very important part of our overall effort to preserve the health of the environment upon which we all depend. We work with our partners year-round to provide the best scientific investigation of the health of the watershed and to establish programs for its protection and restoration. This includes continually monitoring, evaluating and communicating the results. One way to inform our community about the health of our watershed is through our Watershed Report Card.​

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Lake Simcoe Monitoring Report, 2014

The Lake Simcoe Monitoring Report, 2014, pro​vides the long-term trends of all environmental monitoring programs for Lake Simcoe and its watershed, highlighting current research that informs these trends. The report was written by the Ministry of the Environment and Climate Change with data contributions from the Lake Simcoe Region Co​nservation Authority, Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry, and York, Durham, and Simcoe and Muskoka Health Units. The Monitoring Report provides the technical environmental monitoring information for the Minister’s Five-Year Report on Lake Simcoe (2015).

Lake Simcoe Monitoring Report

Minister’s Ten-Year Report on Lake Simcoe

Over the past 10 years, Ontario and its partners have implemented a wide range of actions to help to protect and improve the ecological health of the Lake Simcoe watershed. We are seeing some improvements in overall lake health, such as increased dissolved oxygen in the deep waters of the lake, which is a positive step towards our desired outcome of restoring and sustaining a cold water fish community.

This consolidated report, which addresses both five-year and annual reporting requirements under the Lake Simcoe Protection Act, 2008, describes the collaborative efforts taken to implement the Lake Simcoe Protection Plan, as well as results of monitoring programs and progress towards the plan’s objectives.

​​Visit to view the Ministers 10-Year​ Report on Lake Simcoe​

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