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River Researcher Rob

Rob Wilson

Aquatic Ecologist​

Rob Wilson

Rob Wilson is our resident fish expert and has been with LSRCA since 2002. As our Aquatic Ecologist, Rob oversees our aquatic sampling program, which includes monitoring fish populations across the Lake Simcoe Watershed. Rob received his Bachelor of Science, Environmental Science, from Trent University in 1996 and started his career working with Conservation Authorities over two decades ago.

When he’s not in the office, Rob can often be found near the rivers and streams in the watershed, collecting information about fish and the other organisms they share the water with. You may have also spotted Rob wading through our local watercourses while electrofishing, one of his favourite sampling methods.

Get to know Rob

What I really do:

Wade around in the streams of the Lake Simcoe watershed assessing fish and invertebrate populations as well as the habitat they live in. 

How I came into the role:

It started with my parents ingraining a love of the outdoors in me through camping and fishing as a child. While at Trent University, studying to become a math teacher, I took one course in environmental science and was hooked. 

What I love most about my job:

I get paid to go fishing… with electricity!

Accomplishment I am particularly proud of:

Being part of the restoration of Lovers Creek at Centennial Park in Innisfil in 2016. We have been sampling that area since 2007 and caught our first brook trout there in 2019. Can’t get any better proof than this that our efforts are making a difference!


Fisheries assessments, benthic invertebrate studies, temperature studies and risk management of fish habitat.

Rob Wilson Aquatic Ecologist measuring fish

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