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Tree Planting

Tree Planting

Do you remember running and playing in the woods as a kid? Going on adventures and learning new things? As an adult do you relish the peace and tranquility of a walk in the woods? Imagine creating those unforgettable experiences and connections with nature for you and your family, on your own property.
We work with our funding partners to deliver a tree planting program at very little cost to homeowners like you. We offer three services:
Conservation Authority staff operating a red tractor, used to aid in the planting of several thousand tree seedlings. Several neatly arranged rows of small trees are visible in the expansive background, with a large stand of dark green trees seen at the back of the property.

Full Service Tree Planting

Enhance your view, attract wildlife, and save on your heating and cooling costs by establishing a new forest, connecting or enlarging your existing forest, or planting a windbreak. Our team of experts will help you every step of the way from funding and planning to planting and tending your new trees. We may cover between 50 and 90% of your planting costs!

Several rows of newly planted small pine seedlings.

DIY Tree Seedling Sale​​

​If you want to plant trees in a way that’s easy on the wallet, don’t miss our Do-It-Yourself seedling sale. Order a minimum of 50 trees or shrubs from over 10 species at the lowest cost you’ve seen. Some go for as low as 99 cents/each! The sale only runs for a few short weeks at the beginning of the year, so order early to avoid disappointment. 

On a cloudy spring day, a young girl holds a shovel and laughs as she crouches down on one knee beside a newly planted tree seedling.

Community Action

If you’re part of a green team at work, involved in youth organizations, or you just want to get friends together to plant some trees, organize your own community project today. 

Planting Has Never Been Easier

Let us guide you through the many programs and services designed just for you. Our knowledgeable and friendly team can:

  • Co-ordinate a site visit
  • Discuss your needs and assess your opportunities
  • Highlight opportunities on your property
  • Identify the programs you may be eligible for
  • Guide you through grant applications
  • Develop a customized planting plan and order your planting stock
  • Co-ordinate the planting during the spring or fall season
  • Follow-up with technical advice 
  • Assist you with a MFTIP application 

From start to finish, we can help you achieve your property’s planting potential. Our team has more than 90 years of experience planting trees! Our team knows soils, what grows best, and they love to share their tips! Contact us today to discuss your needs and book a no-obligation site visit.

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Paul Cottenden

Forest Technician 
1-800-465-0437 Toll free

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