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Online Learning with LSRCA

Welcome to our Online Learning Resources and Activities page. Here you can access nature-based resources to help keep your child learning. 

These at-home activities offer you and your child quick and easy access to educational resources that help your child learn at home, independently or with your help. You can also access fun family-friendly activities that everyone can enjoy. Let the fun begin!​

Family at Play

​Looking for some fun activities to do with your whole family? Look no further – everyone in your family w​ill enjoy these simple, ​nature-based activities that are easily adapted to suit your child’s age and abilities. Guaranteed fun for everyone!​

Young children lay on their bellies and immerse themselves in a colouring activity on a vibrant green carpet. Books, toy cars, puzzle pieces and a ball are scattered across the play area.

Print and Play

​​​Looking for some fun activities your child can do on their own? These fun nature-inspired activities are easy to understand and easy for your child to follow. It’s a great way for your child to learn and for you to get some work done too. ​​​

One child carefully observes bugs in a mason jar using a magnifying glass, while another child watches with curiosity.

Learn at Home

Keep up with your child’s learning with these free at home lessons. They won’t fall behind with these nature-based activities that are grade-specific. Help your child continue with their studies and meet their individual learning goals.​

Thank you for your support!

The Lake Simcoe Conservation Foundation is a proud supporter of the Lake Simcoe Region Conservation Authority and our Outdoor Education program. 

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The Lake Simcoe Conservation Foundation is a proud supporter of LSRCA and our Outdoor Education program.

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