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Learn at Home

Keep up with your child’s learning with these free at home lessons. They won’t fall behind with these nature-based activities that are grade-specific and curriculum connected. Help your child continue with their studies and meet their individual learning goals.​

Downloadable Climate Change Presentation

Grades: 7 – 8

Designed specifically from a local Lake Simcoe watershed perspective, this interactive presentation​ – complete with speaking notes, tips and teaching guide – was developed by our team of environmental experts to provide teachers with a curriculum linked presentation, in an easy-to-use format.

One child carefully observes bugs in a mason jar using a magnifying glass, while two other children watch with curiosity.

Addition and Subtraction to 100

Grades: 2-3 (or any age who wants extra practice in add​ition and subtraction)
Subject: Math

This print-and-go package is designed to engage kids in their math learning as they work through several nature themed challenges. The challenges are focused on addition and subtraction skills, but also include practice in data, graphing and problem solving.​

Multiplication and Division

Grades: 3 – 4

This package​ has multiplication and division problems (with products up to 144.) The questions and challenges are designed to reinforce basic multiplication and division concepts in an en​gaging way that also allows students to make connections between math and nature.

Nature Literacy

Grades: K-2 (or any age who wants extra practice in reading comprehension, vocabulary and printing)
Subject: English Literacy

This package​ is designed to enhance literacy learning with an outdoor theme. In the package you’ll find nature themed literacy sheets that involve practice in vocabulary, emergent reading skills, printing, reading comprehension and illustrating.​

Images in Nature

Grades: 4+
Subjects: Visual Art


Explore and acquire the skills needed to create a beautiful work of photographic art! Download the Images in ​Nature presentation and learn some easy to use photography techniques like: framing, the rule of thirds, macro mode or texture, to help capture the perfect shot!


  1. Use your IPad, digital camera, phone or even your parents old school film camera, and get outside and look at the world, in a new way!​
  2. Investigate your backyard or take a stroll down your street.
  3. See our beautiful world from new perspectives, like a bug’s eye view or bird’s eye view.
  4. Print your photos in black and white and add your own colour, to whatever parts you want.
  5. Show us your work by submitting your own photos ​using the hashtag #learningwithlsrca.

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LSRCA has been leading quality outdoor education programs for over 40 years! Meet our team​​ of Ontario Certified Teachers, Forest School Practitioners and Outdoor Education Specialists​.

Need some help getting the kids outside? Check out Katie’s 5 Easy T​ips for Success.​​

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