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Enforcement ​and Environmental Compliance

A principal mandate of the Conservation Authority is to protect life and property from natural hazards such as flooding and erosion. Our Compliance activities play a pivotal role in achieving this goal by ensuring the requirements of the Conservation Authorities Act and Regulation 41/24 are enforced. 

Our Compliance Officers are designated under the Conservation Authorities Act for the purpose of enforcing Section 28 of the Act as Provincial Offences Officers. They inspect, investigate and report on complaints of non-compliant development activities within the Lake Simcoe watershed. They also inspect and ensure compliance of the terms and conditions of permits that have been issued.

Our Compliance Officers:

  • provide information and education regarding the regulations and development restrictions within the watershed;
  • inspect and investigate potential violation sites;
  • ensure compliance with the terms and conditions of permits we’ve issued
  • resolve minor infractions through cooperation with landowners;
  • follow up on mitigation measures outlined in issued permits.

If you believe development (site grading, construction or re-construction of a building or structure, placement or removal of fill, change of use of a building or structure) is being carried out in a regulated area without appropriate approvals, please complete the form below to confidentially report your concerns so that our Officers can assess the situation and act accordingly.

Note the online form is NOT for conservation area complaints.

Retroactive Application Fees

Please note that as per our fee policy, the retroactive permit fee starts at the base fee + 25% and increases by 25% per month thereafter to a maximum of double the base fee. 

Retroactive approvals may be issued if the development complies with policy. In scenarios where development can not be supported, retroactive approvals are required for the removal or restoration of the area. 

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