The Lake Simcoe Region Conservation Authority

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Enforcement Complaint Questionnaire

Before submitting your complaint, please read and acknowledge you understand the following:

Once you submit your complaint, you will not hear from us unless we have additional questions. Please do not ask us for the status of your complaint. Active investigations are subject to privacy legislation and cannot be shared.

We do not respond to the following complaints:

  • Wildlife in distress or activities that are disturbing wildlife. If you believe an animal is in distress, call 1-833-9-ANIMAL or your local municipal animal control office. 
  • Developments or subdivisions proposed. If you have complaints about a subdivision or development being proposed, contact your local municipality. 
  • Spills: If you believe a spill has occurred and is contaminating the environment, call the Spills Hotline at 1-866-MOE-TIPS (663-8477) – 24 hours a day 7 days a week. 
  • Trees being cut down. Tree cutting is subject to municipal by-laws, which means you need to contact your municipality. The only time tree cutting would be within our jurisdiction is if it’s within a wetland area. 
  • Garbage dumping, noise complaints, property standards or septic concerns: Contact your local municipality. 
  • Neighbour’s actions impacting drainage on your property. Please raise the concern respectfully with your neighbour. This is a civil matter over which we have no jurisdiction.
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