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DIY Tree Planting

DIY Tree Seedling Sale​​

Thanks for your interest in our DIY tree planting program. 2024 sales are now closed.

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If you’ve already placed an order – details on when your order will be available for pick-up at Scanlon Creek Conservation Area will be emailed to you in early April 2024.

Elderly man wearing glasses, hat, jacket and gloves crouches down beside a newly planted shrub in the fall season. Large trees are visible in the distance.

If you have the land, we have the trees!

Looking for a way to help the environment? Our annual DIY Seedling Sale is the perfect way to help the environment and add beauty to your property. Each year you can purchase tree and shrub seedlings at a reduced cost to green your landscape and help make a difference. Species range in price from $1.39 to $2.19 per seedling, plus HST and handling.

​If you’re interested in receiving information when our tree seedling sale opens, please join our mailing list.​

​How does it work?

All seedling species are sold in bundles of 50 and we require a minimum purchase of one bundle per species, but with seedlings priced as low as $1.39 each, it’s still an affordable option. If 50 trees is more than you need, consider asking neighbours or friends if they want to place an order with you. You must be a resident in the Lake Simcoe watershed​ to participate.

Species are dependent on nursery availability, but we typically offer the following seedlings: White Pine, Red Pine, White Spruce, Norway Spruce, White Cedar, Tamarack, Red Oak, European larch, Silver Maple, and Staghorn Sumack.

For more information, please contact our forestry team.​​

No time to plant this year?

If you have a larger property (more than two acres), we offer a full service planting program which includes a customized planting plan and specialized equipment to undertake the planting. 

100% funding is now available to help with the following:

  • Establish a new forest
  • Connect/enlarge your existing forest
  • Create a windbreak

Don’t delay! Book your free confidential site visit today!

Top 11 benefits of trees

  • Trees provide oxygen and clean the air
  • Trees can save you money by helping you reduce energy consumption
  • Trees help improve water quality
  • Trees help prevent soil erosion
  • Trees increase property values
  • Trees protect your home from the elements
  • Trees reduce noise from nearby streets and highways
  • Trees mark the seasons – winter, spring, summer and fall!
  • Trees provide a natural canopy and habitat for wildlife

Need some helping planting your new trees? Click here for tips and instructions on How to Plant a Seedling!

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