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Carbon Reduction Strategy

Our Carbon Reduction Strategy, developed in partnership with Climatewise, is a multi-year commitment to reduce our corporate carbon footprint by 28% by 2026. The good news is that we have achieved (and passed!) our corporate carbon reduction target in just five years!

Some actions we have already taken include:

  • Solar Panel Installation – Early in 2018 we installed a series of solar panels on the roof of our Newmarket office. The power they are generating is being added to the energy grid, meaning we’re contributing green energy and lowering our own environmental footprint as a result. By becoming involved in energy supply, we are working towards a carbon neutral approach.
  • Greening our fleet vehicles – fleet vehicles are our single largest source of greenhouse gases. To reduce our emissions, we now have one fully electric vehicle and five hybrid vehicles. As our fleet vehicles need replacing, we will take advantage of options for ensuring the new vehicles have lower greenhouse gas emissions.
  • We became member with ClimatewiseClimatewise, launched in 2016, is a network of businesses and institutions operating in and around York Region who are setting and achieving sustainability goals. By joining in this collaborative, we support and are supported by other local groups and businesses working to reduce our carbon footprint.​

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