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The parking lot at LSRCA’s administrative office, located on Bayview Parkway in Newmarket, is typical of any commercial or industrial lot with walkways and pavement for people and cars. Time, weather and parking congestion had begun to break up the pavement edges and heave the walkways. 

To solve the problem, LSRCA added low impact development (LID) features such as bioswales, curbcuts, rain gardens and permeable pavement. These features will help extend the life of the parking and walking surfaces and increase the number of parking spots. The site also incorporates monitoring equipment to demonstrate how the new features are slowly releasing stormwater into the existing system. 

The LSRCA office receives many visits each week from clients interested in developing and retrofitting their properties. LSRCA chose to invest in LID’s to extend the life of the parking lot and demonstrate leadership and our commitment to improved on-site stormwater management.

Helping the "bottom line"

With more hard and paved surfaces and less natural spaces, storm sewers are often overloaded during heavy rainstorms and snowmelts. To keep up with the rising costs to maintain our current stormwater management systems, municipalities are starting to introduce stormwater utility fees and transition to a more sustainable network that includes LID features. Property owners who implement LID’s often receive lower stormwater utility charges.

What are the outcomes of the project for LSRCA?

Demonstration site at our front door – Our staff have the ability to take clients directly to the features we would like to see installed on development and retrofit properties.

Multiple LID features in a “treatment train” approach – Each property is unique and requires tailoring of LID features to get the most benefit. Several features exist at the Administrative Office in sequence, improving the water quantity and quality issues as the stormwater enters the system.

All features are integrated into the existing stormwater system – With the monitoring equipment installed on-site we will get shareable results on how the features are dealing with the stormwater.

Several parking issues are resolved – There is increased improved parking, diminished need for winter salt application and emergency vehicle access is no longer a challenge.

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Steve Auger

Stormwater Management Coordinator
1-800-465-0437 Toll free

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