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Victoria Woods Parking Lot Retrofit

Project Description

In partnership with The City of Barrie we implemented low impact development at the Victoria Woods parking lot. The previously impervious, hard-packed gravel has now been resurfaced and runoff is redirected from the new asphalt surface into a bioretention swale. 

The bioretention swale will filter up to 42 cubic metres of stormwater during a major storm event, while also reducing phosphorus by 0.5 kilograms per year. 

Victoria Woods Parking Lot Retrofit
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What is a bioretention swale?

Bioretention is a low impact development technique that provides storage, treatment, infiltration and routing of surface water runoff in a landscaped area. Bioretention features mimic natural processes by absorbing water and filtering pollutants, directing water back into the ground or overland to appropriate outlets.

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