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Watershed Wetlands

Wetlands in the Lake Simcoe Watershed

Wetlands are important features for any watershed because they provide habitat for rare or threatened species of flora and fauna. They are also important to us for their ability to absorb and filter water, protecting our built environment from flooding and the impacts of climate change.

Currently, wetlands represent nearly 40% of all the natural features in the Lake Simcoe watershed.

That accounts for over 50,800 hectares of wetlands, covering 18% of the watershed! Wondering where those wetlands are? Take a look at our wetland map, pictured on the right (click to enlarge).

A more detailed breakdown of our watershed’s wetlands can be found in our Natural Heritage System Restoration Strategy​.

Did You Know?

The Holland Marsh and Holland Marsh Wetland Complex is the largest wetland habitat in the watershed (2,835 ha).

Growing our Wetlands

Through our funding grant and offsetting program, we work to create and restore wetlands across the watershed. In 2020, we created two new wetlands, with a third ​​ready to go in the ground this year. Check out our Top 10 Restoration Projects of 2020 to find out more about these projects.

Interested is visiting a wetland?

Take a walk in your local greenspace and see if you can spot a wetland. If you’re local, you can also visit one of our recent restoration projects:

Remember to stay safe by staying local. Explore our Conservation Area map to visit a park close to home.

information, icon   Natural Heritage System Restoration Strategy 

With natural heritage protection in mind, we published our Natural Heritage System and Restoration Strategy in 2018. 

This strategy identifies core natural heritage features, including wetlands, and outlines opportunities for enha​ncement and protection.

   Lucky Landowners

Help grow some more. Our restoration funding program offsets $10K towards wetland creation on your acreage.

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