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Low Water Status

Low Water Level 1 ​

Conservation Tips

  • Familiarize yourself with your regional and/or municipal watering by-law and follow the applicable restrictions
  • Reduce or eliminate non-essential water use e.g., watering your lawn, cleaning driveways etc.
  • Use water storage containers such as rain barrels to water gardens, your lawn etc.
  • If allowed (under regional/municipal watering bylaws) water outdoor landscape early in the day when temperatures are cooler
  • If withdrawing water from a private well or surface water consider:
    • ​Doing so slowly over a longer period (e.g., reduce pumping rate and time of day)
    • Coordinating your withdraw with neighboring water takers

Low Water Level Monitoring

Lake Simcoe Conservation Authority issues three levels of messages for low-water situations to ensure municipalities and watershed residents are prepared in the event of low water conditions. Depending on the water level, LSRCA may issue one of the following statements: 

water Level 1 status

Level 1

The first indication of a potential water supply problem, managed through water conservation.

water Level 2 status

Level 2

A potentially serious problem, managed through water conservation and restrictions on non-essential water use.

water Level 3 status

Level 3

Water supply fails to meet demand, managed through water conservation restrictions and regulations of water use.

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