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Staff Directory

Search for LSRCA staff contact information by department. Members of the media should visit our Media Room​ for more information.​

Rob Baldwin, Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) 905-895-1281 x248

Trish Barnett, Chief of Staff 905-895-1281 x223

Sandra Ingott, Sr. Administrative Assistant, Office of the CAO 905-895-1281 x283

Communications and Engagement

Kristen Yemm, Senior Director, Communications & Community Engagement 905-895-1281 x315

Sinem Connor, Senior Communications Advisor 905-895-1281 x203

Katarina Zeppieri, Communications Advisor 905-895-1281 x116

Natasha O’Dell, Communications Advisor 905-895-1281 x298

Kathleen (Kate) Goodale, Communications Advisor 905-895-1281 x203

Joanne Doyley, Digital Brand Manager  905-895-1281 x527 (on leave)

Susan Jagminas, Senior Communications Advisor (Media Relations)  905-895-1281 x264 (on leave)


Nicole Hamley, Manager, Education 905-895-1281 x243

Trevor Stanford, Education Coordinator 905-895-1281 x143

Cassandra Connell, Outdoor Educator 905-895-1281 x142

Logan Barnes, Outreach Educator 905-895-1281 x130

Katie Biddie, Outreach Educator 905-895-1281 x130 (on leave)

Human Resources

Alyse Cullen, Senior Director, Human Resources 905-895-1281 x323

Julie Ingoe, HR/Health & Safety Specialist 905-895-1281 x276

Cheryl Taylor, Executive Director 905-895-1281 x310

Allanna Yates, Sr. Administrative Assistant, Foundation 905-895-1281 x241

Mark Critch, General Manager/CFO 905-895-1281 x297

Tammy Bartley, Sr. Administrative Assistant, Corporate and Financial Services 905-895-1281 x231

Julie Gerrard, Administrative Assistant/Reception 905-895-1281 x221


Katherine Toffan, Director, Finance 905-895-1281 x141

Sharon Lun, Senior Accountant 905-895-1281 x282

Zillah Pamphile, Senior Financial Analyst 905-895-1281

Kathy Reynolds, Payroll/Intermediate Accountant 905-895-1281 x691

Mary Quattromini, Account Payable Clerk 905-895-1281 x252 (on leave)

Rob O’Brien, Accounts Payable Clerk 905-895-1281 x252

Information Services and Technology

Geoff Peat, Director, Information Services & Technology 905-895-1281 x238

Darren Campbell, GIS Coordinator 905-895-1281 x249

Peng Du , Systems Architect/IMS Coordinator 905-895-1281 x300 (on leave)

Elisa Green , IT Project Coordinator 905-895-1281 x259

Michael Dennis , Systems Developer 905-895-1281 x301

Xiaowen Fei, Systems Integration Analyst 905-895-1281 x265

Toshia Fleischaker, GIS Analyst 905-895-1281 x269

Kelin Zhao, GIS/Database Analyst 905-895-1281 x308

Julie Jakop, GIS Technician 905-895-1281 x226

Eric Daechsel, GIS Technician 905-895-1281 x125

Conservation Lands

Phil Davies, Director, Conservation Lands 905-895-1281 x321

Cory Byron, Forestry Program Coordinator 905-895-1281 x152

Rod Aubin, Acting Coordinator, Facilities and Greenspace 905-955-4033

Kevin Kennedy, Land Securement Officer 905-895-1281 x317 (on leave)

Dan Andrews, Land and Resource Planning Technician 905-895-1281 x225

Lauren Grzywniak, Land Management Technician 905-895-1281 x126

Brian Bollmann, Forest Technician II 905-895-1281 x316

David Price, Field Operation Technician 905-955-4272

Glen Learning, Field Operations Technician 289-716-5167

Thanesh Subramaniam, Facilities & Asset Maintenance Technician 289-763-2403

Don Goodyear, General Manager 905-895-1281 x305

Kathy Hillis, Sr. Administrative Assistant, Scanlon Operations and Restoration, 905-895-1281 x222

Watershed Science and Monitoring

David Lembcke, Director, Watershed Science & Monitoring 905-895-1281 x237

Lance Aspden, Coordinator, Tributary Monitoring 905-895-1281 x260

Brian Ginn, Limnologist 905-895-1281 x275

Sheida Moin, Acting Stormwater Management Coordinator 905-895-1281 

Rob Wilson, Aquatic Ecologist 905-895-1281 x235

Rebecca Doyle, Hydrochemist 905-895-1281

Julia Marko, Natural Heritage Ecologist 905-895-1281 x257

Ray Bolton, Hydrology Technician 905-895-1281 x320

Chandler Eves, Stormwater Monitoring Technician 905-895-1281 x319

Sara Rawski, Environmental Monitoring Technician II 905-895-1281 x279

Kirsten Pellerin, Environmental Monitoring Technician I 905-895-1281

Mohammad Hajiseyedjavadi, Stormwater Management Technician 905-895-1281

Watershed Plans and Strategies

Bill Thompson, Manager, Watershed Plans and Strategies 905-895-1281 x271

Pamela Strong, Integrated Watershed Management Specialist 905-895-1281 x312

Kaitlyn Read, Integrated Watershed Management Implementation Coordinator 905-895-1281 x148

Mystaya Touw, Sourcewater Protection Specialist 905-895-1281 x258

Lauren Moretto, Climate Change Specialist 905-895-1281 x

Glenn MacMillan, General Manager 905-895-1281 x331

Development Services

Ashlea Brown , Director, Development Services 905-895-1281 x224

Taylor Stevenson, Coordinator, Infrastructure Permitting 905-895-1281 x483

Chris Currie, Coordinator, Permitting 905-895-1281 x284

Frank Pinto, Infrastructure Regulations Analyst 905-895-1281 x288

Sarah Clark, Environmental Regulations Analyst 905-895-128 x287

Jennifer Dawson, Environmental Regulations Analyst 905-895-1281 x266

Matthew Figuerres, Environmental Regulations Customer Service Analyst 905-895-1281 x324

Kristin Nyborg, Environmental Compliance Officer 905-895-1281 x329

Tatyana Vukovic, Environmental Compliance Officer 905-895-1281 x

Erin Groves, Administrative Assistant, Regulations 905-895-1281 x227

Kelly Nesbitt, Administrative Assistant, Engineering and Planning 905-895-1281 x293

Colleen Newton, Administrative Assistant, Enforcement 905-895-1281 (on leave) 


Dave Ruggle, Manager, Planning 905-895-1281 x240

Shawn Filson, Planner 2 905-895-1281 x229

Amy Knapp, Planner 2 905-895-1281 x250

Jessica Lim, Planner 1 905-895-1281 x212

Steven Payne, Planner 1 905-895-1281

Jessica Chan, Natural Heritage Ecologist (on leave) 905-895-1281 x132

Lori McLean, Natural Heritage Ecologist 905-895-1281 x272


Ken Cheney, Director, Engineering 905-895-1281 x294

Phil Thase, Water Resources Engineer – Stormwater Management 905-895-1281 x296

Alison Edwards, Water Resources Engineer – Stormwater Management 905-895-1281 x291

Bhavika Patel, Water Resources Engineer – Stormwater Management 905-895-1281 x328

Manish Kaushal, Water Resources Engineer – Stormwater Management 905-895-1281 x228

Kalpesh Nagrani, Water Resources Analyst 905-895-1281 x123 

Melinda Morris, Hydrogeologist, 905-895-1281  x299


Christa Sharp, Manager, Restoration 905-895-1281 x115

Brook Piotrowski, Restoration Project Manager 905-895-1281 x124

Bryan Widner, Construction Specialist 905-895-1281 x311

Peter Shuttleworth, Restoration Project Specialist 905-895-1281 x114

Paul Cottenden, Restoration Project Specialist 905-895-1281 x245

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