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Lake Simcoe Sessions Podcast

Katie Biddie explores the impacts of climate change in the Lake Simcoe watershed with local experts.

Learn more about​ the climate change crisis that is unfolding today, and what you can do right now to help build a resilient future.

Meet Our Host

Host Katie Biddie has spent nearly a decade working in environmental education, nature interpretation and community engagement, and is a proud Lake Simcoe watershed resident. 

As a child she aspired to be the next “Dr. Jane Goodall”, investigating wildlife all around the world. Katie has visited 24 different countries, is a graduate from the University of Guelph (HBSc.) with a major in Zoology, a graduate of Lakehead University (BEd.) specializing in Outdoor and Environmental Education, and is currently a York University Masters candidate in Community Engagement and Leadership.

Katie Biddie

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Podcast Episodes

Episode 1: Climate Change in the Lake Simcoe Watershed

Join special guest Fabio Tonto, climate change expert at Lake Simcoe Region Conservation Authority and host Katie Biddie as they look at climate change. What is it? W​hat’s causing it? and where Lake Simcoe is heading into the future. ​

​​37:43 minute listen​

Podcast episode 2 icon

Episode 2: Changing Forests

Lake Simcoe Region Conservation Authority Forestry Manager Phil Davies joins host Katie Biddie to explore the forests of the future and the changes we’re expecting to see in the next 30 years due to climate change.

28:20 minute listen

Podcast episode 3 icon

Episode 3: Changing Water

Dr. Brian Ginn, Limnologis​t at Lake Simcoe Region Conservation Authority (more commonly known as the Lake Doctor) joins host Katie Biddie to discuss how climate change is impacting our rivers, tributaries and the lake.

29:57 minute listen

Podcast episode 4 icon

Episode 4: Changing Ecosystems

Restoration Specialist Lori McLean from Lake Simcoe Region Conservation Authority joins host Katie Biddie to highlight the importance of special restoration projects in adapting to and mitigating climate change in the watershed.

​25:07 minute listen

Podcast Episode 5 icon

Episode 5: Changing Communities

Join York Region Public Health specialists Sonia Sanita and Asim Qasim, and host Katie Biddie to explore the connection between human health and nature, and some of the new risks that climate change will pose on human health.

25:15 minute listen


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This podcast is brought to you by the RBC Foundation under Tech for Nature. We are grateful for the support as we educate and inspire Lake Simcoe watershed residents.​

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