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Earth Day Climate Action

A close-up photo of hands holding a globe of the earth made from clay.

Take Action on Climate Change 

What you can do today? 

Every little bit helps. It’s true. But some actions have huge impacts. Choose what works for you! 

Travel on Trails

One of your biggest contributors to climate change is your car rides. When you can, try going on foot or on bike. Rogers Reservoir and Mabel Davis – just 2 of our Conservation Areas​​ that connect communities with amazing trails. 

This spring and summer make a point of enjoying them! 

Plant or Create

​A tree or forest. A wetland or meadow

Home heating and cooling are ripe opportunities to save money and the planet. Planting trees around your home ​blocks cold winter winds and hot summer sun, while sequestering carbon!

How do we help? We sell discounted seedlings every April. We are also expert tree planters for large projects and support community planting efforts. And the newest initiatives we fund? Meadows and Wetlands on your property – they all combat climate change!

​Want more? Check out Windfall Centre’s Home Energy Incentive​s program and LEAF’s backyard tree planting in York and Durham.

Buy Local Food

Ontario’s soils, climate, and the hard work of our neighbourhood farmers feed us – how special is that?  When you buy local food, you support our agricultural industry and reduce emissions from food shipped from around the world. Choosing more plant-based meals or operations that prioritize regeneration maximizes these positive actions.

Want More? Find farm fresh food near you:

Do-Good Feel-Good Tasks Help Too 

Clean up in and around your neighbourhood because taking care of our earth starts at home. Our garbage poses harms to wildlife and simply looks bad in our greenspaces and streams. Fortunately, it feels great to see a litter-free forest or path, and that beautiful, natural space serves as motivation that we can make change happen.

Stop and smell the sweet scent of flowers, or the forest, or Lake Simcoe. And while you’re at it, take note of the bees, the butterflies, the birds. Seeing the biodiversity around us is an important step in appreciating that nature is not a nice-to-have … it’s essen​tial to our very survival. Our ecologists and restoration experts often share cool facts on our social channels (Instagram​Faceb​oo​kTwitter​) so engage with us today.   

Show your support. Whether it’s to a young person or young at heart, talk to others about your interest for our planet. What fond memory do you have or what does a hopeful future look like on your climate change journey? We’re willing to bet whomever you speak with will share your concern. Every conversation is a useful one as we reclaim our relationship with nature and with each other for lasting change. 

Support a healthier Lake Simcoe watershed

Our work wouldn’t be possible without the generous support of the Lake Simcoe Conservation Foundation. 

Each year, the Foundation supports environmental program​s and projects that help support our vision of a cleaner and healthier Lake Simcoe watershed.

Donate to​ a cleaner and healthier Lake Simcoe​ watershed today!

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